Weight Gain and Metabolism​

You’ve finally learned to accept and love your body, and then, around the age of forty you suddenly start to gain weight inexplicably.



It is not your fault! Even without consuming more calories than you did in the past, and, although you maintain your exercise regiment, you look in the mirror and see your body change. Your clothes don’t fit you anymore, and your stomach is no longer flat.

You are probably wondering what makes your body store fat and, moreover, what can you do to get rid of it?

The reason you gain weight is because your body is undergoing hormonal changes that begin in your mid-forties. This hormonal change causes a slow-down of  your metabolism, your muscle mass diminishes, and there is a shift of fat distribution that settles around your stomach.

There’s no secret solution for the weight gain, but eating less and healthier, increase physical activity and balancing your hormones, are key to managing the situation.  

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